Quito adventures

We flew into Quito 2 days early, to lessen the chances that we might miss the departure to the Galápagos due to canceled flights or hurricanes or whatever.  The extra days also provided some buffer in case our luggage didn’t make it to the mainland with us.  Thankfully, all went smoothly, so we were simply able to kick back and enjoy a few explorations of the Quito area.

  • To fill our time until the rest of the group arrived, we spent the first day exploring (on foot) the area of Quito near our hotel (the Sheraton); click here.
  • During the second day, we had arranged to visit the cloud forest at Bellavista, about 2 hours north of Quito; click here.
  • The third day, we met up with the group and toured old town Quito and visited the equator; click here.

1 Response to Quito adventures

  1. Diane Corey says:

    We are going 2 days prior to our group for the same reason and to rest up (we are your age). I am planning our outings as well and am having difficulty making a decision as to what to see south or north of Quito. Planning is part of the fun for me though. We will be spending 4 additional days when we return from the Galapagos and I am planning that too and have lots of ideas. We will be staying at the Sheraton as well. We sail on the Xpedition. You did a great job with this site. Very impressive.


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